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You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

Mental health is health. Illness is illness no matter where it is in the body or

how it presents. Talking about this more on a collective level has helped reduce the stigma around mental health some, but there’s still a

long way to go. These last 11 months with such radical change in the ways we connect, it’s especially important to keep the conversation going.

Normalizing mental health as a factor in our over all well being... Reaching out to check on those that are alone right now. Even the “strongest” are struggling during this pandemic. And the strongest, the quiet ones, the ones checking in everybody else, also need to know they’re supported, they’re not alone - they might need it more than you think.

When we keep this as an ongoing component in our conversations to it helps lessen the discomfort around it and we can more easily ask for help rather than be held back by fear of judgement.

Continuing to share our own experiences with others is necessary. It requires vulnerability and courage to do this but the moment you share you story, share what’s really going on with you, it gives others permission to do so too.

Let’s stop pretending we’re ok when we not.

Let’s check in and ask each other how you’re doing and hold space for the real answer.

Let’s make the time for ourselves in our own self care - it’s so important to keep a practice to support mental health stability.

Let’s make time for to connect with each other more deeply, even if we can’t do that in person right now.

Let’s be there for ourselves and each other.

Let’s talk.

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