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The Solitude Experiment.

One of my biggest teachers in the journey of self-love is learning to be in solitude.

What I witness daily is a collective resistance to being alone, in fact I think it is a major source of fear for many of us.

I have been afraid of being alone and it wasn’t until I had no other choice that I realized what a gift it can be.

I hadn’t taken the time to be with myself long enough to know what I need, what I desire because I was too busy living in a story crafted externally rather than the one my soul was here to experience.

I feared being alone because it conjured thought spirals of being alone forever.

But the truth is, being alone was so healing. SO HEALING.

Being alone with ourselves is where we can connect inwardly on a deeper level with soul and cultivate love in the core of our being.

Being alone is where I found myself again. It’s where I remember who I am, daily. It’s where LOVE grows.

That love is inherent - we don’t have to earn it - but we may forget that over time because life has a way of leading us into self-abandonment.

We have the power to change that simply by practicing being in solitude and getting to know ourselves in a deeper level.

And if you’re in a relationship, this is even more important to have that connection with yourself, to have that alone time to nurture the love with you first, before you can offer genuine love to anyone else.

We tend to seek external resources for love, for happiness, to fill the voids rather than the treasure that exists within us.

We tell ourselves stories to make ourselves feel better about not being in alignment with our soul.

Societal conditioning wraps shame around feeling good about ourselves, about loving ourselves first, because the old systems we were raised in were constructed to disempower rather than empower us as sovereign beings. But that old system has been dismantling and we are in a new space now where we are invited to live in the embodiment of our soul and Divine Source light, not separate from it.

On our show today - the SHIFT Podcast - and in the coming episodes we talk about that collective resistance to going inward. Going inward is where we cultivate our relationship with self. This opens us up to better relationships with everyone we know - family, romantic partners, friends, colleagues, etc. It cultivates loving kindness, and that has a ripple effect!

I’m inviting you to come back to YOU and take the time this weekend to experiment and explore being in solitude.

Let me know how it goes!

Maybe you already have this practice… Would love to hear your thoughts!

i love you.


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