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What is My Purpose?

Every one has a lesson to learn in this life. Perhaps many lessons.

I believe we come in at birth, our soul knowing the framework, the plot, of it’s own journey and our true potential, but we - experiencing life in our physical bodies - soon forget after our arrival.

As we move through life, we often wonder what our purpose is. Can you relate?

Maybe our purpose is to simply *choose* to learn the lessons designed for our soul’s journey… to be in our vulnerability

- u n a p o l o g e t i c a l l y -

and open up to receiving the lessons.

Not only be open to receiving them, but to seek them out.

And I believe if we don’t “get it” in this lifetime, if we don’t at least BEGIN awakening to our soul’s journey, we will have the same lesson over as many lifetimes as it takes for us to get it.

It’s through our courage to show up for that process of seeking and receiving what is ultimately our divine inner wisdom, that we BECOME OUR GREATEST POTENTIAL.

And then we understand our purpose.

So if we want to get there this time around, we have a choice:

to run the other way - choosing to forget why we came here.


to lean into the discomfort of the lessons and remember who TF we are.

What will you choose?


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