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From Dust Settling to Golden Clarity

The dust has been settling from all that happened in 2021 these first couple of weeks. With no desire to align with the old calendar of needing to bust out of the gates, busy with all kinds of productivity and resolutions.

That is the energy of the past.

As I know many have, I’ve been slowly been easing in, letting the energies settle, reviewing, integrating learnings and tying up lose ends.

A seed was planted back in the summer and I intuitively felt a restructuring coming, but couldn’t yet see it the full vision. So at that time, I secured the new website domain back then, knowing change was on the horizon… the full vision still yet to come into focus.

The vision and the message are now clear. It’s all unfolding now, and I’m sharing in real-time.

I am in the process of rebranding, streamlining my work, and as far as Instagram, will only be operating from my main account - @thisistrishcampbell - going forward. The INVIBE Facebook page, rebranded as well.

INVIBE which has existed since 2015, will continue as my company for business operations, but the re-brand is more in line with my current and future product / offering.

Please follow me on social: @thisistrishcampbell and my Facebook page, This is Trish Campbell, if you aren’t already!

As always, I appreciate you, dearly!

You can also find me and all of my work featured and streamlined on the KS MEDIA GROUP APP… “The NEW HOUSE!” Get it in your Apple App Store or Google Play. There's a link in the header of this page.

I am continuing to be intuitively and creatively driven with my work, as I am in my personal life, and knowing when to let things go is part of that. #fullmoonenergy

Simplicity. Ease. Abundance. Mobility. Sustainability. Grace. Fun. Gold. And PURE LOVE!

That’s what we are making space for.

Exciting things to come.


i love you!


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