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Trish Campbell, Founder 


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Trish is an Author, Transformation Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and Speaker helping motivated individuals through the evolving and transformative process of remembering who they came here to be.


As a creative, Trish is sharing her transformative journey with the world through written word and art to connect with and inspire others. Working with motivated individuals 1:1 and group workshops, Trish provides guidance, wisdom, and compassionate support alongside Reiki energy healing, helping to strengthen their mind-body-spirit connection and inner guidance, empowering them to tap into all that is already inside of them, and allowing them to be in their fullest expression to share their light and gifts with the world.


Childhood trauma and wounds compounded by a lifetime of checking all of society’s boxes for success - including a 20-year career in corporate sales and marketing - forged a path of “people pleasing” and ultimately left Trish feeling a sense of disconnection and self-abandonment.

Arriving at this realization of having built her “home” outside of herself, rather than inside, and hearing call for more purpose, Trish has been on her own healing journey to peel away the layers of a pseudo self and re-connect to her spirit.

Reiki became an integral part of that journey as this sense of disconnect from self is a result of stored stagnant energy in the body around unhealed wounds - wounds that we all have, to varying degrees. That coupled with taking on other people’s stories of who we are eventually becomes our own story and the root of our self-limiting beliefs, getting in our own way of becoming who we came here to be. Reiki energy assists in releasing that old energy from the body, strengthening our intuitive sense and in turn elevates our mind-body-spirit connection to bring us into our fullness.

Helping others through the profound journey of healing has become Trish’s life work. Understanding the journey is not linear and it has many ups and downs, Trish provides a safe, trusting space and compassionate support to navigate the unpacking in 1:1, group, and workshop settings, including corporate retreats.

No matter what it is that has brought a need for change or healing – grief, radical change, or old wounds - this process is not easy, and it requires courage. It is in walking through the discomfort and pain that we are gifted with life-changing transformation on the other side.

Trish supports individuals, entrepreneurs and workplaces in their healing journeys. Explore her services and solutions here. She is also one half of the SHIFT Podcast  - Perspective and Our Power to Change.

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