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How are you doing now that we are now weeks into this shift in our way of life?

Seeing this construction happening right outside my window reminded me of how things are ALWAYS constantly changing. 🌀

Right now that cadence of change has increased to the point of being impossible to wrap our heads around, things are changing so fast. It also reminds me that while I do - for the most part- have a low resistance to change, there are some changes I just don’t like. For example the inevitable loss of view this new construction will bring. I don’t want to lose this view. Right now, even as the city-scape has evolved with new condo buildings over the last couple of years. I can still see the lake from my window, as far off as it is. I can still see the beautiful city-scape as it evolves. This beautiful view is one of the reasons I feel in love with this place.

But as we all know, as life goes, nothing ever stays the same. Things are constantly evolving and shifting, whether slow and gradual or in the blink of an eye...and I am not comparing this loss to what we are facing in this moment...It’s really just a reminder for me that one thing that can remain constant is the ability to choose how I react to this change. I get to choose how I feel and perceive it. I can accept the loss (I will for sure miss this exact and current living art outside my window everyday) and know that I will have a new view with some small pockets of the old...and I am grateful for that. In the same way that I know there will be loss and heartbreak in the coming weeks and months that will touch us all in some way or another. We will be changed forever...but we get to choose how we face that, or how we approach that.

These moments of uncertainty, and of loss of routine and things we took for granted can be opportunities for us to take a step back and come home to ourselves. To pause, breathe deep and just be for a moment. To strengthen our selves from the inside out...And from there decide how we see, feel and approach whatever is coming next. And I can still choose find the beautiful in anything and we have each other to lean on through this.

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