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The Emotional Moon.

Full moon in Cancer vibes are flowing.

The moon’s connection to us is about our emotions. When it’s full we can feel it in our bodies, with the fullness of emotion. Anything we have not allowed ourselves to feel over time can surface when the moon is reaching its fullness.

Our emotions are an energetic database full of information about ourselves. Feeling into whatever emotion is arising helps in finding deeper understanding of who you are. It is a connection with your soul. Feeling and moving through emotion helps us better understand who we are, how we need to be cared for, how we love, how we feel seen and heard... all of that so that we can also be open to receiving it.

In the process of holding our emotions we can sometimes get stuck in them. It’s important to go there, dive deep and feel but it’s just as important to know when it’s time to release it. We aren’t meant to hold on to every experience, every emotion we feel, because there is always more to be seen and felt through all of the experiences we are constantly offered - both good and bad. They are all our teachers.

I have always felt a sense of shame for showing emotion. I have been shamed for my “sensitivity” since my childhood, and that has carried into my adulthood. I’ve been called hyper-sensitive and overly-sensitive as a means for the other individual to turn it off; to shut it down. It’s happened growing up, throughout my years in school, and into my adulthood at work, social groups, even spiritual sisterhoods. (waving a red flag with flourish, for toxic positivity and spiritual bypass in that space).

Most of that external shaming and gaslighting is driven by an unwillingness or a lack of capacity to connect to and hold one’s own emotions... you cannot possibly hold another’s emotions if you can’t first hold and feel your own. And so in those experiences specifically, my natural inclination to feel and process has been stifled and suppressed in order for others to be comfortable.

Because of my experiences around emotional expression and my emotional empathy, I have always felt like I have to apologize when emotions bubble up (and still do at times). To apologize for my sensitivity to energy and feeling others’ emotion as well. When in reality it’s a FUCKING GIFT!!! Being sensitive and empathic opens up the space for emotional alchemy, allowing us to be deeply connected to our own soul and to the connection of mind-body-spirit, and therefore the unseen connection we all have with one another.

Taking the time to be with and feel our emotions and moving through them takes us to the other side where we can release and let them go, rather than hold on to them inside of our bodies. In doing so we become soul alchemists: strengthening that inner guidance and wisdom to be in our wholeness. Allowing myself to embrace this delicate, yet powerful facet of who I am has helped me alchemize pain into self-awareness, sadness into compassion, and grief into life-changing transformation. ✧

If you want to explore deeper into your own connection with self or perhaps want to create that connection but aren't sure where to start, reach out and let's chat. Recognizing you might need some help to fill in the gaps and connect the dots is a positive move in the direction towards uncovering your true self.

Image via Matias Alonso Revelli / @matialonsor on Instagram

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