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Soul Messages

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

This message came through in a round about way - shower thoughts.

“Let me go so I can write my story.”

I wrote this on the shower glass, to remember it for writing about later. When I realized what I had wrote, it’s meaning hit me in a profound way... something completely separate from the original chain of thought.

Sometimes the messages that need to get through will find a way... even if they need to piggy-back on other thoughts, or other objects, or even other people, background noises, and dreams.

Why am I sharing this?

Because sometimes we unconsciously hold onto the energy of things that we need to let go of. [Our humanity/ego gets in the way but our soul always knows.] That’s a reality I’m working through right now, especially upon the completion of my book. It brings the past into the present and with it, a deeper healing, if I am open to that invitation, which I am... but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. That healing holds more wisdom to be cultivated, that’s why I do it, and keep going with it. Even if some days I just have to let it rest until I can come back to it.

The point of healing is not perfection. We are not here to be perfect beings; it’s not even possible. It’s to sit with the imperfection of the moment, or of it all, and be in that discomfort, if if we just dip our toes at first... and gradually sink into it... embrace as much as we can, rather than avoid it.

We don’t need to fix anything, or get past anything, to be “okay”... as life, our societal ways of being, are always silently convincing us we need to be (okay), or better than ok... and more aggressively reminding us when we are not. It keeps us stuck in this myth of perfection.

That’s not the work of healing, or the point of it... the point of it is to look at our “ flaws”, our wounds, our pain, our suffering and to be present with it *as it is* ... walk through it, cultivate its wisdom, to perhaps find renewal in our relationship with “it”.

We are always in communication with spirit, our soul.... or rather soul is attempting to communicate with us, to help us on our path of growth.

Our soul will keep speaking to us - longing, even begging to be expressed - in whatever way it can be received... to remember who we already are, and help us live in our truest creative expression in our dreams, in objects we might stumble upon, in the random words we see or hear, through other people, in background noise, in the city’s sounds, in lyric and music or in nature’s expression... are we paying attention? Are we listening?

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