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Soul Contracts and Karmic Unions

Soul contracts and karmic unions. Do you believe in them?

There really are no coincidences. Especially when it comes to people we meet along our journey of life. Some we have met before this lifetime and perhaps will meet again in future lifetimes. Anyone who has a powerful impact on your life, likely there is some sort of existing connection at the soul level.

Some people are meant to teach us something - whether we asked for it or not, or to allow us to heal, or to better understand ourselves, perhaps a mirror for our internal feelings that need processing, or even simply a soft landing space in between. The possibilities are infinite. But rest assured there is meaning in every connection, whether momentarily brief or long-lasting. And as a reminder (as I am personally reminded often) nothing - NOTHING - is permanent. Everything is temporary. There is always the duality of positive and negative that comes with that. We get to choose how we walk through it. Or we can even choose to avoid it, but we can never truly outrun it. It will pop up again in some form or another! Ultimately it’s walking through, not around, the pain that gifts us transformation. Why would anyone want to avoid that level up? I’ll leave that as rhetorical.

Pure consciousness, the Universe, is constantly sending us signs and messages and people and experiences. Are we taking note or are we simply going through the motions on auto-pilot?

How does this land for you? Let’s create conversation... let’s bring this kind of contemplation and discourse from the fringe to the realm of our commonalities. Let me know how it lands for you in the comments.

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