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L O V E is an action.

L O V E is not fixed but constant.

L O V E is not fleeting but infinite.

L O V E is the foundation for change.

Our potential for love is only limited by the love we have for ourselves... from the inside out. [not the other way around].

And so our potential for change is limited in the same way.

Our ability to truly love who we are at our core being, beyond our jean size, beyond our physical body, beyond external voices that tell us who we are, is ultimately our ability to make change for a better world.

One of the greatest lessons, revealed through the multiple life-altering “interruptions” over the course of 50 years, is understanding that love is more than a description for a feeling; it is an activation.

The work we do on ourselves, is work that reverberates beneficial influence beyond ourselves;

it benefits the broader collective.

Your healing is my healing and vice versa.

When we love ourselves, when we move and act through love, by being our true selves, by exploring parts of ourselves that are at times uncomfortable to witness, we give others permission to do the same.

We inspire others to deepen their connection with self in much the same way.

If we can view “the work” as our own individual part in healing the collective, as our individual contribution in the course correction of humanity, rather than trying to take on systems and structures much greater than ourselves before we have even done our individual work, we can begin to see that we don’t have to participate in belief systems and structures that keep in disconnected from who we truly are.

In other words, if we can first fight to breakdown the systems and structures engrained within us as individuals, only then we can truly build a wholly inclusive and equal world.

This is self L O V E... truly, madly, and deeply.

Mixed media artistic expression by Jane Monteith @janelovesdesign on IG

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