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Post Yoga Bliss


How’s everyone doing out there?

Resting. Pausing. Recovering. That’s where I’m currently at.

Collectively we’ve been through a lot recently, in addition to our own individual little worlds, our own ups, and downs...consistently at some level of flight or flight mode - maybe without even realizing - this thing called life.

This Social Distancing thing is a good proactive measure to help reduce the transmission of this virus - “flatten the curve” as they say. But it also removes us from connecting with other humans, which we inherently need. That said, adjusting to it can be difficult; the isolation of it; having to say no to things when we may want to say yes. But also like I’ve mentioned before, I think we needed this... to disconnect and reconnect with ourselves; let go of all the distractions that have accumulated in our lives and grow our connection with our selves.

So I’m using this time to do just that and to keep the projects I’m working on moving forward with a little less distraction from all the running around of a 2020 life.

The build-up to this has been gradual over the past couple of years, and then fast and furious in the last few months. It feels good to exhale and let all the excess stress go in the moment, and just be.

Be well. Namaste.

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