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Our Soul Has a Journey to Take

Life is not about completion. It’s about having the human experience.

If we are simply “waiting” for things to happen... are we really living? Or are we merely existing?

There is truth in that saying “The journey is the destination.”

We might think we are done when we have completed something, or something comes to an end, but there is always more.

Endings always turn into new beginnings.

People, place, things come and go. All of it has purpose, even if we can’t see it or understand it. And for certain we will have that constant flow of beginnings and endings, since we are energy, everything is energy, and intended to be in constant motion.

However, completion is not the goal because OUR SOUL HAS A JOURNEY TO TAKE.

Not all of it will feel good but we need that contrast of “good” and “bad”, of dark and light, to grow, to understand ourselves better, to connect with one another more deeply; to simply feel whole... and to know when we feel whole and when we don’t.

We can either be [stuck] in perpetual state of awaiting life, awaiting our own arrival [or departure], or we can consciously create, living from our inner guidance, and experience the fullest, richest, most exciting journey we were intended to.

We have a choice.

Every moment is a new opportunity to choose.

What are you waiting for?

As we are always, to be continued...

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