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Loving Yourself is the Greatest Revolution

Hate is the projection of our fears our insecurities onto others. Hate is the manifestation of detachment from self. In detaching from self, we detach from our innate human connection.

It feels the current weight of grief overflows the limits of what we can hold right now.

These senseless erasures of life that draw us to reflect, what can we do?

What can one person do to stop this, to change our trajectory, to reconcile these atrocities against humanity, against our brothers and sisters, and our children…

Understanding where the hate exists is the first step in disarming it. We cannot simply say it doesn’t exist in us. It isn’t always so obvious. We can have a loving heart and somewhere, there is something we were taught or language we picked up that feeds into hate. One small ripple in the ocean from each of us, can become a tsunami.

What we can do is begin to look where the conditions of bias, of prejudice, of hate, exists within us. What we can do is have the courage to face the ugliness of our own truth, our collective truth, how we contribute to the upholding of oppressive structures, or ways of being that breed hate. What we can do is face that truth so that we can reconcile, so that we can have the awareness of where it exists, not just within ourselves, but in every space we occupy.

This same process - facing our truth - is the path to loving ourselves. What’s happening around us is a manifestation of what’s happening within us.

The only way we can overpower hate is through love… to truly love ourselves, so that we can love someone else… So we can amplify the vibration of love. This has been my experience, my lesson and I write about it in my book.

Love is the manifestation of connection to self. In connecting to self, we connect, strengthen and amplify our human connection.

Self-love is necessary to truly be, live and experience life here on this physical plane, exactly as we were meant to… to be able to truly feel that human connection.

We all deserve this… we all deserve a life that’s is of our own empowered creation. We all deserve love - to be, have and offer love. We all deserve the basic freedom to exist, just as we are. ✨

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