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Keep Evolving

To keep evolving means to connect deeper and deeper to the core of your being. It means self reflection, loosening our grip on ego, understanding we have work to do, for starters (and there is always more). As we do that we outgrow that old way of being, shedding the layers of the stories we have armoured ourselves with; other people’s stories of who we are that we have carried in order to feel seen and heard. Or so we thought.

Feeling seen and heard as a false version of yourself is not really feeling seen or heard at all. You end up hurting yourself and others, even when the original intention was to protect and keep safe. Getting to and connecting with the core of your being, is a process of evolution. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable to stand in that truth because people are “used to“ us the way we have historically shown up but that wasn’t really who we were.

That wasn’t our true self. That was a version we built over time, since childhood really, to feel safe and accepted and loved; to survive this crazy world. Through that process of taking on the beliefs that weren’t ours to begin with, of taking on the stories about ourselves that allowed others to accept us, we detach ourselves from our source and ultimately keep ourselves detached from our unique gifts...We all have gifts that are meant to be shared with the world through our own form of creative expression, however that physically takes shape.

These gifts are only truly accessible when we are our true self; when the false layers are peeled away; when we remember and are connected with the essence of who we truly are. The essence that knows and understands we are all different and unique physical beings of the same divine light. That essence that has the knowing already that we are all connected beyond the physical appearance of our human bodies and that our gifts are the expression of that unique essence. And it’s in creating that version of us that was acceptable, our false self, that kept us from remembering this. It’s time to remember who we truly are; who we were truly meant to be; who we’ve already become.

Every moment can be an opportunity to step into your truth, to remember that we are all connected, to live and act and speak from this space where your gifts are held, and in doing so, continuing to evolve.

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