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Emotion in Leadership

If your leadership doesn’t include authenticity, vulnerability and emotion, you’re doing it wrong. True leadership is leading by example, and unless you’re not human, you have emotion inside of you. It’s part of your true self expression. If you’re hiding your emotion, you’re also hiding the part of you that holds compassion and empathy.

Leadership without compassion and empathy is what got us here. The old patriarchal structure had no room for it. It counted on us being fragmented pieces of self in order to function.

I’ve worked in organizations void of compassion, void of empathy... They were severely understaffed and employees were under constant pressure to accept it, perform at high levels and hide parts of themselves in the process. In my own experience, I’ve had important conversations shut down as soon as I showed emotion; the participants unwilling to connect on this level due to their own emotional archiving. As a human, one can only function in this way for so long. We are sentient, emotional beings at our core, although continuous attempts to deprogram this begin in early childhood development. It can only be suppressed to a certain point. This empathic void, this lack of emotional cognizance or holding space for emotion exists to varying degrees in most traditional corporate and organizational settings.

We are expected to compartmentalize ourselves and hide our feelings and self expression (and therefore by default, our creativity) and then expected to perform to our highest ability as a fragmented human being. This has become status quo. This has become the norm over the years. It’s no wonder mental health is currently at crisis levels, even before COVID.

Many have been ready for a shift away from the status quo. Speaking for myself, I have been ready and taking inspired action for a while now, hence why I’m in this space of transition facilitation. It isn’t easy taking the steps to move into a new direction, into the unknown. It’s uncertain and it’s uncomfortable; but ultimately any kind of change is. The question becomes how much discomfort can you take on either side? Where is your tipping point? What is holding you back?

Maybe you’re not even sure of what it is that is holding you back. We go through life storing feelings, experiences, and trauma in our bodies. This stored energy becomes stagnant and burdensome. We carry it with us in each moment, always; unless we do something to release it. This is why we integrate Reiki into our work. Reiki assists in releasing old, stagnant energy that often we don’t even realize we are carrying in our bodies. This stale energy is what keeps us stuck in that illusion “safety” or “comfort zone,” when in realty we’ve simply become desensitized to our discomfort.

If you’ve ever had or even never had a Reiki session before, it’s very subtle in its application, but over time is when you see the true result of its truly transformative nature.

It could very well be that deep down you know you want more, but for some reason you feel stuck, unsure of the next steps. Our integration of Reiki helps in energetically freeing you up and also in bringing clarity by strengthening your mind-body-soul connection, opening you up to your true life path and infinite potential.

We are all leaders. We all lead in a multitude of ways in our lives, whether In the workspace, our family, our friendship circles or the community. Taking inspired action towed as change, towards our highest version of self at any given moment, inspires others to do the same...And there is room for all of us to step forward and shine.

If this speaks to you or resonates in any way, and you feel called to explore that, please reach out, email us here, and we can chat about creating a transition strategy for getting you to your next chapter, as a more whole version of you. ✨

It’s 2020... The only masks necessary are COVID masks. 😷

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