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Updated: Sep 8, 2020

The path that connects ⁣

the old and the new -⁣

worlds, paradigms, narratives, stories -⁣

the complexity of messy, chaotic, dark...⁣

like all that we know ⁣

or even⁣

all that we thought we knew ⁣

is —⁣

disintegrating ⁣

right before our eyes. ⁣

Sometimes we want that to happen. ⁣

Sometimes we need that to happen. ⁣


sometimes we can’t let go so that it can.⁣

The temptation to ⁣

give into escape...⁣

the gravity of it;⁣

the pain of it, ⁣

alternating between⁣

patiently waiting ⁣

for our attention to turn its way, ⁣

and desperately knocking ⁣

at our ego’s door to let it in.⁣

But answering the temptation to escape ⁣

only detours our arrival at ⁣

these divinely pre-determined ⁣

coordinates on our path.⁣

Our inner guidance knows ⁣

the way forward⁣


[our TRUTH]⁣

but ⁣

requires us to dial in⁣

and lean towards it.⁣

Trusting, ⁣

even though ⁣

we might not be able to see⁣

that what lies ahead,⁣

it’s something more beautiful...⁣

and we can only truly see, ⁣

and be humbled by⁣

it’s beauty and it’s magnificence,⁣

through the intricate lens ⁣

of these deeply transformative experiences,⁣

these universally gifted experiences ⁣

that we were brave enough ⁣

to walk through and not around. ⁣

words :@thisistrish13

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