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Change is our only constant. It is constant for a good reason, even if it doesn’t appear to be in the moment. Sometimes change happens to us and sometimes we take that action ourselves. Change is ongoing and constant so that WE are ongoing and constant, because we were intended to be. We were intended to change and evolve, but somehow we were taught that change is something we should fear.

This innate intention of our evolution is why for many of us, we can sometimes feel unfulfilled if we are repeating the same thing day after day. Sometimes that can be out of necessity, but there are often areas where we do have choices; where we can be proactive in creating change - not solely to improve our day-to-day, but also to go after the dreams we have intuited for ourselves along the way.

I have had a lot of change happen to me; some of it extremely painful to move through. At times it felt impossible to envision myself coming through it. That said, having been through some difficult moments prior to that, I’ve learned that even when it can’t possibly make any sense at the time, I can trust and believe it is always pushing me towards my higher purpose.

I have also taken it upon myself to make decisions to change my life - in both small and large ways; but all meaningful ways nonetheless. It’s not always perfect. The old story of me - other people’s stories of who I am and what I’m capable of that I took on as my own - carried some bad habits that ultimately turned into toxic patterns. Those are hard to kick, no doubt, but possible. I’ve done it and continue to do it, as every moment provides an opportunity to either fall back or fall forward.

Whether change happens to us or we make it happen, it’s moving us closer to who we came here to be; we might not always be able to see it in the moment and that’s okay. It’s also important to process all the feelings and emotions that inevitably accompany change. It's in that process that we are gifted many invaluable lessons about self, while strengthening our connection to our soul.

Where we do have some control to proactively create change, we can start to identify the habits and patterns that keep us stuck; that aren’t moving us closer to our higher purpose, but instead holding us back, preventing us from remembering who we came here to be - our true self. Whether those habits are self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination, chips (hey how’d that get in there? 😂😌), fears of not-enoughness - which is really a result of living to others’ expectations for us, feelings of unworthiness, believing the idea that realized dreams are only for "other people", and many more... these habits can be identified and overcome.

Letting go of these bad habits to create space for new ones, it’s always a good start. Because some of these habits are interwoven with our identity, it can feel uncomfortable at first. Smaller more manageable bits of change are more likely to be sustainable than radical change, but sometimes radical change is our only option. Whether it’s starting your day earlier; making a commitment to better nutrition or physical health; self care practices like meditation, movement, or journaling; setting micro goals for your macro goals to achieve those dreams - making it less likely to give up on yourself due to overwhelm; learning something new (all those online workshops happening 😉); carving out time for your version of creative expression, or all of the above... these are just some ideas to start implementing today.

Those dreams that you have for yourself, that we all have for ourselves, they are attainable. I remind myself daily of this: achieving dreams isn’t only for some people, it’s there for all of us. It’s there for me and it’s there for you too. We have those dreams in the first place because our soul knows why we are here. We knew at one point too, but we have forgotten as external influences started to shape who we are and how we show up from the onset of our cognitive development.

The energetics of 2020 have revealed an awful lot for many of us. I feel blessed in that life, particularly in 2018/2019, prepared me for the uncertainty of 2020 before it arrived, but I know for many it has revealed what is really important; what really matters, and it has deepened that sense for me as well. It's time for us, if we haven't already begun, to start the process of remembering who we came here to be; to start to break the unhealthy patterns and begin to heal the parts of ourselves we have avoided or tucked away or so long... if we want to create a more beautiful world for our remaining time here, and for future generations, that is.

I know it’s not always easy to break these deep-rooted habits and patterns, but I also know through my own life experience that it is possible. It’s why I do the work that I do - connecting with others, channeling Reiki for the energetic realm of it, and for the physical realm, providing support and guidance through change to the other side of transformation.

Proactive change... It’s about remembering why you came here; who you came here to be; uncovering your true self. I am here to offer and provide you the support and the tools to help you through the process of remembering; to do this work alongside of you too. Doing this work ultimately helps us remain grounded and provides a degree of stability during change when it happen, as well.

Change is for our greater good. It never is about not being enough or not being worthy. We are ALL enough and ALL worthy from the moment of our birth, without having to achieve or prove a damn thing - like the ideological barriers the current white-supremacy-based patriarchal structures and systems would have us believe.

Our worthiness is our birthright after all... and change is helping to get us to step into our true self we came here to be, but simply forgot. ✧

📸 by @tessxbee (Instagram) - Tessa Antonia Bull


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