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Celebrate Where You Are

“Perspective and our power to change” immediately comes to mind with the suggestion in that image. (and that’s the tagline for our podcast - the SHIFT)

Celebrate where you are at. Regardless of whether that’s where you’d thought you’d be by now or not. Let go of expectation, the attachment to outcome, and trust that it will all happen as fast as you can handle it.

You can’t rush your transformation. What you can do is SHIFT your perspective around where you’re at and look at how far you’ve come. What you can do is be patient with the process. It is in that process where the gifts of transformation are gradually revealed.

Whether it’s growth or healing we’re talking about (or both), neither are linear. And neither are ever complete. We are infinite beings and so there is always more.

I’m in it right now. Again. It’s a place I didn’t expect to be. (If you know, you know.) And even though I know our healing is never finished, it’s still a bit frustrating to think you’re done with something only to find out that root went deeper than you initially thought. It’s like pulling weeds… sometimes you think you got it at the root, but what you didn’t realize is that part of it snapped off, and is still down below the surface… and eventually it will reveal itself.

Perhaps it’s our inner child that has invited us back for a visit (I’m here for you little Tricia), or a broken-heart that needs mending (yes, it’s not you this time but you’re not off the hook either) the inner work isn’t easy. It’s not like an old friend we’re happy to run into, rather - more often - it’s the one we want to pretend not to recognize.

As familiar as I am with healing myself it’s never comfortable to be in. After all, many, if not most of us, are afraid to look at the truth of who we are. (I wrote a poem about that in my book😉)

I know I am not afraid to look at my truth or to heal those wounds, or I wouldn’t be where I am at. So I celebrate that. And I can choose to shift my perspective here; to look at how far I’ve come over my journey, rather than feeling frustrated for thinking I had fully healed this wound. Making that choice to shift is so empowering!

Taking my time with it and offering myself the compassion through the process that I am worthy of, I know I will be stronger, more whole, more free, and further along in my self-actualization on the other side of it.

Let me know how this resonates in the comments!!

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