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Anchoring in Spiritual Practice

One of my spiritual practices is to walk by the water. Sometimes I’ll sit and meditate in a quiet secluded spot next to the water, but quite often it’s just a walking meditation.

There’s something about it that allows me to release whatever it is that weighing me down in the moment and to open my heart.

Finding a spiritual practice has been essential to my growth over the years. I am constantly trying new things, listening intuitively to what spirit asks of me - and me, her - in a given moment. There are some rituals involved in my practice, and also a lot of spontaneous “leaning in” based on what I’m feeling intuitively.

A spiritual practice is personal. Everyone’s practice will look different and each day will look different for each of us. Connecting with ourselves at the soul level does not require association with any religion, yet absolutely can be associated and integrated with religious practices. We know what feels good and what doesn’t; what works and what doesn’t, just by tuning into our feelings and sensations when we are in the moment.

Spiritual practice brings you closer to you, closer to source and your soul. It is about connecting with our inner light; the same light that runs through all of us. Simply in the act of trying new things that pique your interest (those inner nudges... you know), you will find what works for you. It is never intended to be perfect, but indeed a practice. And life is always demonstrating to us that the more we practice anything, the stronger and more powerful it gets.

There are plenty of things in our day that we can focus on that consume our time that can also pull us away from our center. Making a practice to prioritize spiritual investment in ourselves - to come back home, go inward, and reconnect with ourselves at the soul level - is what will help us move through life with more ease, grace, courage and stability not if, but when things around us get chaotic.

A spiritual practice can be any number of things that you do for yourself. It could be a walk or a hike, meditation, journaling, making your morning tea or coffee, sipping cacao, pulling oracle wisdom, a combination of many thing - there’s so much more. If you’re not sure if something is a spiritual practice, Ask yourself is what I am doing bringing me closer to myself and soul or helping me escape or distract from connecting deep inside of me, where my truth exists? It is about exploration and discovering what feels good for you, what opens your heart, what centre’s you?

Having this practice we will never be lost. We will always have a home to come back to. Especially those moments when life tries to carry us away.

The change comes, the transformation comes not always in an obvious way, but over time, you will notice how your life has changed. You will notice how you have changed; how you have freed yourself from the receiver of circumstance to the creator and crafter of your life... a truly transformative experience. In the process of our our practice, we create that anchor within us (not outside of us) that allows us to move through life more gracefully and whole-heartedly.

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