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How are you showing up for YOU right now?

Return to Self, healing and transformation, Mind, Body & Spirit

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Trish Campbell
Author, Speaker, Self-Love Facilitator

I help individuals remember who they came here to be - their true self - through the integration of transformational coaching and Reiki energy healing.

The journey of returning to self is ultimately a SELF-LOVE journey.

I help you by supporting your personal journey with 

Reiki energy healing and one-on-one coaching options
throughout the process of healing, growth,
and life-changing transformation.

Our individual healing and inner work is an ongoing commitment
to the process of remembering who we came here to be!

I also offer workplace stress-management, team-building - - -

 Reiki & Creative Arts integrated workshops to support employee well-being.

START stepping out of your comfort zone towards change.

Explore. Discover. Expand.
 your true authentic self.

What people are saying about their
experience working with Trish:

David George Brooke - That Gratitude Guy

Nadine Searle - Your Calmer Self Coach

My in-person session with Trish was such a beautiful experience. Like the virtual sessions, I felt the physical relaxation, relief in sore areas of my body, and peace/calmness, but the difference with the in person session is that I felt these effects more intensely for a few days after the reiki. Lots of emotions and feelings also came up following the session, but it was all very therapeutic to experience. Trish also had some feedback for me and let me know which areas of my body had releases during the session and which parts/blockages I needed to take care of/work helpful because I knew exactly what to focus on going forward! She also followed up a few days after and checked up on me which was so sweet.. I felt very supported and loved by her. One of the coolest moments during a reiki session with Trish was an intense memory flashback I had from my childhood.. one of my grandma and I. Normally I struggle with visualization and being able to vividly recall memories, but during a session it happened and it was such a special, and unforgettable moment. For anyone that is looking for some guidance and support with their healing, reiki is such a beautiful thing to welcome into your life! For me, the most important thing was to find someone that I was comfortable with, who’s intentions are genuine and someone that facilitates a safe and loving space.. and I found all of that in Trish <3
- - - K. Djuric , Mississauga Ontario

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