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Trish creates a relaxing, healing space for her Reiki practice. My first experience with Reiki was an individual session with her and it was a calming, peaceful experience. Not knowing what to expect during my non-contact Reiki session, I was surprised to feel energy in the form of warm heat as she focused on releasing, what she told me afterwards was a blockage in my throat chakra. All together following that first session, I felt completely serene and slept really well that night. Since then, I have participated in distance group Reiki sessions with her through INVIBE. To my delight even during group distance Reiki sessions I‘ve experienced the same positive benefits as I did in one-on-one in person Reiki. If you’re new to Reiki like me or have more experience I absolutely recommend contacting Trish for in person and/or distance Reiki. - - -  C L Farr, San Diego, CA

Nadine Searle - Founder of Calmer Self and a Reiki Practitioner herself

David George Brooke - That Gratitude Guy

Nadine Searle - Founder of Calmer Self and a Reiki Practitioner herself

If you are a practitioner yourself you know how essential proactive self-care is to keep your energy levels optimal. Here is what another practitioner had to say about her experience: 

I began my reiki journey with virtual sessions and was drawn to them during a time where work had me physically and mentally exhausted. What I love about Trish’s group sessions is that at the beginning there is usually a bit of discussion between those that attend, and I find that helps everyone feel more at ease, connected and comfortable. The reiki portion is super relaxing and is a different experience each time. The sessions have helped reduce soreness and pain in my body (especially my legs), calm my noisy mind, boost creative energy/thoughts/ideas, improve my sleep (helped me get a wonderful sleep a day or two after my session), and helped me feel an overall sense of  peace/calmness. What drew me back to the virtual sessions each time was the guaranteed physical relief I felt…knowing that if i was feeling pain and exhaustion after days of work, I can look forward to my reiki session to assist in that relief.
My in-person session with Trish was such a beautiful experience. Like the virtual sessions, I felt the physical relaxation, relief in sore areas of my body, and peace/calmness, but the difference with the in person session is that I felt these effects more intensely for a few days after the reiki. Lots of emotions and feelings also came up following the session, but it was all very therapeutic to experience. Trish also had some feedback for me and let me know which areas of my body had releases during the session and which parts/blockages I needed to take care of/work helpful because I knew exactly what to focus on going forward! She also followed up a few days after and checked up on me which was so sweet.. I felt very supported and loved by her.
One of the coolest moments during a reiki session with Trish was an intense memory flashback I had from my childhood.. one of my grandma and I. Normally I struggle with visualization and being able to vividly recall memories, but during a session it happened and it was such a special, and unforgettable moment.
For anyone that is looking for some guidance and support with their healing, reiki is such a beautiful thing to welcome into your life! For me, the most important thing was to find someone that I was comfortable with, who’s intentions are genuine and someone that facilitates a safe and loving space.. and I found all of that in Trish <3 - - - K. Djuric , Mississauaga Ontario
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