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At INVIBE we believe holistic well-being supports the mind - body - soul connection, providing the fundamental foundation for living a fuller life and navigating all that life throws at us with authenticity, courage, and stability. Our individual inner work, healing and transformation not only benefits us as we walk through life, but reverberates into all of our relationships and ultimately transforms the world.

We work with individuals, groups and organizations in helping foster healing, personal growth and human connection, in all spaces, creating a wellspring of creative expression and tapping into our innate gifts that are both rooted in and revealed through being our true authentic self.

We recognize life's many challenges can get in the way of our becoming who we were always destined to be. Our process framework is designed to help uncover and remove those blockages, old wounds and false narratives through energy healing, specifically Reiki, and guided transformational steps towards the next version of YOU.

We also help organizations create space, inclusive of all voices, for employees to bring their true self into work each day, tapping into one's unique gifts, strengths and talents, while cultivating overall employee well-being. In this vibrant space, employees are more able to harness their full potential, and cultivate growth from both a personal and organizational perspective; a win-win.

Through our processes and practices, our work is centered around eliminating barriers for people who are historically underrepresented and marginalized – the Indigenous peoples, the Black community and all racialized people, the LGBTQ2S+ community, people with disabilities, and women.

Together we are building a community of individuals awakened to their purpose and harnessing their gifts to share with the world; bringing us back home to the inner divine connection we all ultimately share. 


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