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A bundle of all three of the LOVE ME series:


LOVE ME : Awakening to Healing, Self-Love and Liberation (the original) - 

LOVE ME Poetry: Self-Love and Soul Alchemy

LOVE ME Meditations: Cultivating Wholeness of Being


Retail Value of $84.97 Canadian

Buy all three together and save 20% off regualr retail (when purchased separately). 


These LOVE ME books are woven with the same thread throughout: a testament to the power of vulnerability in our human evolution, inviting us all into our own depths of personal self-exploration and discovery to find our Truth. this invitation is shared through insights, wisdoms, poetry and prompts for meditation begin your own journey of cultivating wholeness, self-love, and healing, moving closer and closer to self-actualization. 


Our relationship with Self is our most important relationship.  Peace, love, and compassion for others all begin with nurturing those qualities within  us.


The story these books are centered around, a journey of self-love,  is told through the author's personal experience, though there are many parallels and commonaties we share as human beings that when we dare to go within ourselves to explore and heal, we ultimately cultivate a love and peace within us - a home inside - that ripples out into others around us. LOVE ME, LOVE YOU, LOVE US!



Pricing is in Candian Dollars.  Go to to see what that is in your currency.



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