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LOVE ME Poetry  - Self-Love and Soul Alchemy

by T.M. Campbell


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6" x 9 "

288  pages

LOVE ME Poetry - Self-Love and Soul Alchemy

SKU: 9781738733316
  • by T.M. Campbell


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    LOVE ME Poetry is a raw and textured tapestry of poetry that takes us on a journey through the various dynamics and treasures revealed in one's inevitable unravelling, in a quest for self-love - healing, unlearning and remembering.


    From the dark and vulnerable, to the sensuous and soul-bearing, LOVE ME Poetry is a courageous testament to the power of vulnerability in our human evolution, inviting us all into our own depths of personal self-exploration and discovery to find our Truth.


    This book is a journey of returning to self, unlearning societal conditioning, and releasing expectations to live the life we came here to live; to allow our soul to take the journey it was intended; to remember who we are, who we came here to be. Self-love offers us greater connection with Self, and greater connection with our soul. Even beyond that, it positively impacts everyone we are in relationship with. Self-love is the greatest love of all.


    A must-read for all poetry lovers and those seeking something more.


    If you are a lover of the works of Mary Oliver, Rupi Kaur or Morgan Harper Nichols, this is for YOU!


    This book is for everyone! It is for anyone who is in this thing called life that is the human experience and wants to find peace within, to return to self, to connect with your Soul, and remember who you are.


    Love me. Love you. Love us!


    The soul speaks...

    Poetry... her Mother tongue

    Words have always echoed there.

    Patiently waiting for their turn...

    minutes, hours, days, weeks, years

    Am I not enough?

    Am I too much?

    Masks to cover up;

    consumption to escape,

    to drown out the noise...

    but they're only temporary.

    I cannot hide from myself.

    My soul longs

    to be seen,

    to be heard,

    to be understood.

    The liberation of these words

    etched in my soul

    is like striking a match,

    igniting a spark...

    Illumination of Spirit.

    An eruption of light.

    divine creative expression.

    My truth... whole and free.

  • Order will ship within 7-10 business days.  Delivery times will vary  dependent upon region.

    You will receive an email with estimated delivery / tracking when your order ships. 

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