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The Colour of My Dreams

The colour of my dreams...

Tapped again into my creativity last week and let some feelings and inner light out on to canvas.

I haven’t had “that” recurring dream since I started on this what I refer to as my healing journey... that really started in 2012, but the deeper healing in most recent years.

Rough waters and waves etc. always watery and wavy.... usually away from shore but sometimes in a boathouse and usually I’m on a boat. It represented my emotions, the constant suppression of them so as to not be ”too sensitive” in areas where sensitivity wash’t permitted [ aka much of my day to day, let’s just say that] and inner turmoil of not choosing myself. Not living my fullest expression.

Not that I wasn’t grateful for my current life, but why couldn’t I have both? Why was this concept of wanting more / fulfilling my purpose and being grateful for what I have in my life, mutually exclusive?

I feel like I haven’t had them because I’ve been releasing the energy around my past and around choices I made to keep myself safe, but that blocked me from my true happiness and true self. I’ve also been making changes in my life - change, both out of my control and by choice - that are carrying me towards my greater potential purpose. I haven’t actually had those dreams since I started to let go of the old story. I haven’t actually had those dreams since I started to let go of the old story.

Our dreams are our subconscious and all the things our soul is trying to communicate to us. So sometimes we can remember them or receive them in our awareness, and sometimes we can’t, but no matter what, that line of communication to our subconscious is always open. It’s taking the time to understand that communication with spirit and our soul is constant and to pay attention, look for deeper meaning in that communication, rather than write it off as coincidence or non-relevant.

The world outside is constantly triggering us into our not-enoughness and our subconscious is constantly communicating all of its desires for us. It’s a literal tug of war for how we shape our internal belief system.

But know that we are enough already. We are born enough. We are born worthy. It’s our externally expressed dreams that are not enough. We have the potential to be as expansive with our externally expressed awake dreams as we are with our asleep dreams.

It’s our ego that gets in the way most of the time, with fears and self doubt and all of the other noise that we tell ourselves, over and over; words that likely someone told us once, and we took that on as our own story.

As much as I try to remember my dream, most slip away fast upon waking. Some do stick with me. I think what’s important in interpreting the meaning of our dreams when we can recall them, is to look beyond the surface - that it might not be the actual person or thing we see in the dream but more so what they/ it represents for us. When you think about the complexity and the ways in which communication can come through, there’s so much left unexplored.

If you’re reading this far ( thank you 🙏🏼) and if you have any advice or something that works for you for recalling your dreams or interpreting, would love to hear. I want to explore this more! 😍It’s another tool we can have to support us on our journey of fulfilling our souls desire.💫

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