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Whether it is something we recognize or not, the Universe, our ancestors, our guides on the other side, and spirit are always communicating with us. I’m extremely grateful for the ability to recognize and receive such powerful and divinely timed messages lately. ⁣

I used to take it personally or see it as a reflection of my worth when I received a “no” or rejection of some kind. Now I know it’s because there’s something much larger waiting that I just can’t see yet. I know that sounds cliché, but I believe it to be true... And usually we already “know” or have that gut feeling when something is right or when it isn’t. Many times we disregard it because it’s something we really want. I’ve learned the hard way what happens when we disregard those signals... one of many lessons on this journey. It only prolongs our suffering. ⁣

Our intuition is always communicating to us. The question is are we listening? Are we open or do we immediately disregard the thoughts that come as just silly thoughts? You might find those messages aren't even for you but someone else. So I encourage you to deliver those messages. The more we trust our intuition, and the more we acknowledge and apply it, the stronger it gets. I know this because I’ve experienced it; the more I acknowledge the messages and signs, the more messages and signs and confirmations come... and serendipitously! ꩜ ⁣

Reiki is one tool that helps in strengthening our intuition⁣

- I’ve experienced it myself and seen it happen with clients. Channeling Reiki energy helps release the energy that gets in the way of deepening our connection with self. Reiki brings clarity to that connection; it opens us up to receiving more of those messages. ⁣

If this is something you are feeling called to explore as these times are asking us to turn inward, message me and let’s chat.

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