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Hello, I'm...

Hello I’m

Trying my best

I think we all are...

Trying our best.


It’s also okay to not be okay.

Our mindsets around what’s happening right now can be quite different from one another, when it comes to processing the external and that’s just because we all perceive it through our own life experiences that put a context around it.

If you’re feeling some sorta way about all this Coronavirus and circumstances surrounding in: the self-isolation, the social distancing, the potential instability around finances and food on the table, and the multitude of information coming at you from all directions...Know those feelings are valid. Whether you’re sad, lonely, frustrated, scared, or even bored... Maybe you’re feeling just fine and not affected at all... You are feeling whatever is true for you right now and it might not be true for everyone or anyone else.

However you feel, honour that. Don’t push your feelings aside, or compartmentalize because someone tells you that you’re overreacting, or maybe the media is making this a bigger deal that it is. Judgement isn’t helpful right now. There is so much that is unknown right now around the virus itself... Compounded with the impact of this sudden social distancing - it is a big adjustment many are forced to make right now; but a necessary one to lessen the impact on our limited resources in treating the virus in a massive volume at once.Yes it’s hard. For many, it means being pulled out of routine and having to create a new one; being forced to isolate, give up socialization, entertainment, and distraction for a moment. It can be uncomfortable. Add kids or elderly into that mix, and it’s even more of a challenge on the mind and spirit.

The overload of news and the fast pace of it as it evolves can be scary and worrisome. But what has not received proportionate attention is that many of the people getting this virus are recovering, because the resources are there RIGHT NOW to support the current numbers. That said, perhaps if we don’t practice social distancing or think, “What will it hurt if I do this one thing ...” or “It’s not going to matter if go about my regular business”... that thought process multiplied defeats the purpose of trying to flatten the curve in this two-to-three week time frame and potentially lengthens the time required to make an impact on “the curve.” Which, I believe, could be why it has heightened to its current level (State of Emergency) from a government perspective. The more people going about their business as usual, the less of an impact our collective social distancing has, and because of that, we could have to do it longer. We just don’t know yet.

For the people that have no choice but to be at work and be out there right now, thank you. Thank you - you are heard, seen and felt. It’s exponentially more difficult with the added concern of possible transmission to yourself or family members, especially those most vulnerable.

With all that said, it’s also okay to be in a mindset of stability right now, feeling mentally strong and calm during this time. If you are feeling this way, be a beacon of light and support for those who need it right now. We all need each other to get through this. I don’t recall anything like this in my almost 50 years where our lives have been disrupted and changed so suddenly, outside of 9-11.

In a time of crisis, evidence is revealed around the work you have put into your self; this work that has wholly strengthened you, is supporting you through this period of uncertainty, that keeps your being from operating from within a constant fight-or-flight mode. Like preparing for a Mt. Everest summit climb or an ocean crossing, you don’t know what you will encounter on that journey so prepare the best you can: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am saying this because I truly believe we can all take this time to strengthen our selves through self care, in whatever way feels natural or feasible right now, to nourish our being and strengthen us for what is yet to unfold.

You know how they say in order to be loved or to give love, you must first love your self? That concept is what lies before us collectively, right now.

Our Mother Earth has been begging us for this attention... to care for this beautiful planet, to love HER, to take care of HER mind-body-spirit:

+ mind - a shift away from old patriarchal systems that don’t work any longer into a new, more balanced paradigm of feminine and masculine energy

+ body - love, nurture, and protection of her majestic nature... its as simple as that.

+ spirit - collective higher consciousness, peace among cultures, neighbourhoods and community... we are all connected.

With all of these in motion, collectively in mind-body-spirit, exists an exchange of our gifts with one another. Tapping into who we are and the gifts that we have within that are meant to be shared and to benefit ourselves and others. We are here to tap into and share those gifts (not hide them) and remember the connection we have with one another.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire” - Ferdinand Foch

Image via @happynotperfect

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