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Decolonizing Tradition

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Today on a day where we have for many years celebrated Canadian “Thanksgiving” in our indoctrinated tradition(s), the sentiment has and continues to be one of gratitude, but the past couple of years we have gleaned new understanding (or our souls’ remembering) of why and how we ended up here today.

Every day we are grateful for the opportunities we have, provided through these lands where we settle, and acknowledging them as the historical and traditional territory of First Nation peoples. We recognize, honour and give gratitude to the Anishinabek (Ojibway/Chippewa), Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation for their stewardship of these lands, and our Mother Earth over millennia.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity for this continuing unlearning and relearning around the history of our country(ies) and the lands where we reside.

As a family we have been changing the narrative around the holiday that this weekend has traditionally been about - Thanksgiving in Canada, Columbus Day in the US where I was born and raised (although many states now recognize today as Indigenous People’s Day, honouring the accurate history) ; a decolonization of both and new learnings. Decolonizing Thanksgiving includes decolonizing our dinner (& our regular lifestyle choices around nourishment in general), learning about the real history, specifically around treaties and what they really mean alongside the very real violence and genocide that occurred versus the story(ies) we learned in school, and listening to Indigenous voices and honouring them and expressing our gratitude for the many opportunities we have as a result of their original caretaking and honouring Mother Earth and these specific lands.

It’s a process that can’t happen overnight; one that will always be ongoing, because there so much buried in our conditioning.

I am thankful for making the decision to move to Canada over 25 years ago that afforded me the opportunity to raise kids not only in a mixed-culture family, but also a culturally abundant and diverse community; for all of the struggle that has made me/us stronger; and for our impact on our own ancestral lineage.

Recognizing the opportunities we have because of those that came before us (while also understanding their potential roles in the violent interruption of a truly equal human existence, knowingly or unknowingly), and honouring that by living to create a better world for those that come after us. Recognizing that by doing this work we are changing how our future generations will know the truth of our connection and true equality at the source and soul level.

Wishing you all beautiful moments of joy with your families and friends... as well as love, gratitude and heart centered conversations.

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